Q&A With Cray! Meet Volunteer Donna

Many CRAY advocates are community volunteers. These awesome individuals have day jobs AND they donate their time to support young people after hours as they navigate medical visits and law enforcement interviews. We sat down with Donna, a CRAY volunteer, to ask a few questions.

Why do you volunteer with CRAY?

I volunteer with CRAY because I wanted to give back. I am recovering from drug addiction. Many addicts have suffered some form of trauma.

What is your day job? Did you have experience doing this type of advocacy work when you started with CRAY?

I have been a peer support for women in recovery, which allowed me to be an advocate at times for medical appointments, court dates, and with family members.

What has surprised you about your experience?

I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of training and support that CRAY provides to the advocates.

What have you learned from the young people you work with?

I have learned how important it is to provide this service for our youth. How much they appreciate it.

What do you wish the public knew about trafficking and exploitation?

I wish the public was more aware that this is happening in our community, and how they could help recognize it.

What would you tell others who are interested in volunteering with CRAY?

I would tell others thinking about volunteering that they should definitely do it. As I mentioned before the training and support will help you feel as prepared as you can be.


Interested in learning more about becoming a CRAY volunteer? Browse our Volunteer page and fill out our volunteer interest form.